Twitter Removes the @Names Accidentally

People using the authentic Twitter iOS application must have noticed that something was amiss. It was the @username handles in the reply section. Most of the users aren’t really a fan of the revamped style when they saw it popping up on their Android gadgets. The @username removal wasn’t received well by the users. Also, there were innumerable people who weren’t quite affected by the removal of the @username. However, there was one upside of the entire debacle. Since the @username wasn’t applicable to the character computation, some users generated an enormous ‘Twitter canoe’ by mentioning every person they could. But, now, everything has gone back to how it used to be for the users.

For a brief period of time, Twitter dished out an update for the iOS users. The update ended up killing the @username for the reply option. There was an official tweet by the company on the @username removal. It stated that an experiment with the replies accidently went to all the iOS users briefly. The company also added that it was happy to receive some helpful feedback from the users.


Previously, while replying to any tweet, the @username was a part of the character limit of 140 characters. The latest feature was aimed at saving the character count by the removal of @username from the reply tweets and displaying them in the small sized fonts atop the tweet. However, the company didn’t confirm that whether they had killed the feature for good or not apart from not getting it back. In likely terms, the company will surely take into account the users’ feedback prior to the release of a more revised version in the future. But as of now, the @username deprived reply feature is gone and the iOS users can make use of their conventional methods to reply to tweets.

Twitter had made an announcement back in May about how it would dish out some latest features for lengthening the tweets. And it did something about it. Apparently, there seems to be no count for the quote tweets, GIFs, polls and photos in the additional character list. During May, Twitter had also added that it would stop counting the @username in the replies section. This in turn would enable the users to tag some 50 @usernames while typing a reply to a tweet.

A few days earlier, Twitter had announced about a new feature that arranged the replies to a tweet in way that the users would get to view the ‘best content’ in the very beginning. This in turn would bring the mobile applications in line with the desktops. Twitter also added that the users might see replies in varied orders depending on different preference factors.


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