Everything to Know about the Upcoming Amazon Go

Amazon, the online retailer has disclosed about their exclusively unique store named as Amazon Go. The store is unique in this sense that it is unlike all the common stores. There is no need of registry to walk inside. You just walk in, pick anything you need and then simply walk out. Such a unique experience of shopping is named as ‘Just Walk Out’ by Amazon.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go is entirely a new store based on a different concept that requires no checkouts. You don’t have to wait in queue while shopping at Amazon Go. The store performs with the help of Amazon app that is new. You just walk inside the store, pick up the required things and walk out then using this Amazon app. This unique grocery Amazon store is approximately 1800 square feet. It is said that Amazon started to work on such an idea four years back. The goal behind this concept is to go beyond the limitations of machine learning as well as computer technology and produce a store where people can take the required things easily and walk out. The technologies that are used in automatic cars like deep learning, sensor fusion and computer vision are used in this store.

The technology marks the taken products or those which are kept back on the store shelves. It maintains a track of every product in customers’ implicit cart. After leaving the store with the things, Amazon will impose a charge on the customer’s account of Amazon. And later a receipt will be send to the customer by them. For shopping from Amazon Go, all you require are an account on Amazon, a Smartphone supporting it, and the free app of Amazon Go. However, the Smartphones that will support the app have not been declared yet by Amazon. But it seems that current iOS and Android phones will support it.

Amazon Go will have delicious ready-made foods of breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The best thing is that all the foods will be freshly prepared each day. And the chefs’ on-site, favored local kitchens along with bakeries will prepare it.  The grocery items of Amazon Go will include milk, bread, cheeses, local chocolates and many more. The products will be of popular brands and also some special ones that Amazon is eager to present to the customers.

The store will be formed by using an amalgamation of computer vision and artificial intelligence together with numerous sensors to track the data. This will help in charging for only the purchased products by the customers. The computer vision appears to stipulate that cameras will be there in stores to track the customers. Now you just need to wait and see whether Amazon will be able to stop theft or any kind of fraud activities. Hence, this new type of retail grocery store will permit customers to purchase things or ingredients without registering or waiting in a long line and then walk out without standing in the cash department.


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