Sony allows Google Home to be your remote control

It seems that the skill of Google Home as an entertainer is beginning to bloom. Well, the credit goes to a firmware upgrade. Users can now use the “always-listening” smart speaker in order to control some of the Sony smart TVs, the best part of this is that they will also be able to have the In Wall Surround Sound Speaker available. You can try out saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” for instance, and you can stream YouTube videos and Netflix with your voice on your TV. Isn’t it really amazing? Well, it surely is. Such techs and advanced features are likely to impress and attract several tech and gadget freaks across the globe. This seems to be good news for the people who were expecting something like this to emerge in the recent days.

google home

The firmware upgrade enables you to use your voice in order to control the Sony speakers with Chromecast built in as well. When the Google Home was introduced, supposedly it could control all such speakers that come with Chromecast built in. However, it remains to be seen how well this initiative and tech work. The tech savvy people might find this news really helpful for them. Apart from that, the upcoming days will definitely bring to us lots of other news and feedbacks related to this matter.

The Google Home actually uses the Google Assistant system in order to control the user’s smart home. It checks calendar and plays music as well. It is actually very much similar to the Amazon Echo. On the other hand, the Google Assistant is very much similar to Amazon’s assistant Alexa. We all know that the Google Home was launched last month. However, the Amazon Echo has been around for several years. So in terms of capabilities, the Google Home seems lag behind Amazon Echo. Let us see what happens in the near future and how efficient Google Home proves to be.

However, the Google Home has got an advantage of being an entertainer. The users will be able to control the Chromecast audio and the video streamers with their voice. So, this particular advantage seems to be of some help for the prospective users. Technologies these days have become really very smart and advanced. Thus, in order to excel well in market, firms need to come up with such added benefits and features for the convenience of the customers. One can even group multiple speakers with the Google Home app.

Now that the Sony speakers are working with Google Assistant, the users will be able to include them in their groups too. Using only a single command, the user will be able to play a song on his/her upstairs speakers, including the Sony audio system, the speaker that is built into the Google Home and it actually includes any speaker which has a Chromecast audio streamer. Apart from that, the users will also be able to stream Netflix and YouTube videos to Android TV built in and to Sony TVs. They would no longer need to buy a separate Chromecast video streamer for this. However, Sony did not specify whether the integration would add the ability to turn the TV off or on by voice.