Gear VR by Samsung Gets Latest VR Browser

Samsung is still in the race to lead the virtual reality future with its famous Gear VR headset. The Korean company is pulling all strings to add vital features to the aforementioned headgear that draws its power from the smartphones. Samsung is among the pioneer companies to have released the stable version for a virtual browser. The release comes after the developer preview of the Carmel browser by Oculus. The only reason people would still want to consider buying the Samsung S7 is because of the Gear VR support headset.

Daydream by Google might become a close competitor for the Gear and Samsung would like it to keep it that way and not let the competition materialise into something concrete. Thus, for the aforementioned reason, recently Samsung updated its internet for the Gear VR browser. The browser is used inside of the virtual reality headset. The largest alteration comes in the form of WebVR 1.0 which is the pioneer duplication of the innovative VR internet browser level developed by Mozilla and Google. The aforementioned attribute makes it easier for viewing the 3D images as well as the streaming of the VR on the gadget.

Gear VR

Samsung is of the opinion that with the help of 4.20 update which was released in the month of November; currently the browser lets the users to surf the internet and enjoy photos and videos on a big, virtual screen in a similar way that they at a theatre. The aforementioned opinion was revealed by the company in a blog post. The browser also extends its support to the 180 degree video streaming on the web. This in turn makes it easier for the users to view the 3D VR videos on YouTube, for example. The users can also set up a 360 degree background photo from the pictures supplied by OTOY, the cloud graphics company. Apart from the aforementioned setting of the 360 degree background image, the Skybox attribute allows the users to set up their very own 360 degree background photos. The aforementioned feature makes for a strong VR component in the web browsing domain.

Gear VR

Samsung integrated the file browser in the Gear VR. The file browser addition has made it easier for the users to discover and open movies as well as pictures, videos and other content that is stored on their smartphones or on an additional USB OTG. All the aforementioned things are aided via voice control as well as the on-screen keyboard that currently supports 11 different languages.

Interestingly, Samsung has further introduced the Bluetooth ability for the browser which includes support for the Gear S3 smartwatch. However, the company hasn’t specified what the users can do with the extended smartwatch support. Hopefully, the users might just get additional control with respect to games or content than just making use of the touchpad, optional gamepad or the on-screen keyboard. Users can also connect their speakers, gamepads as well as other ad-hocs for enhancing the entire browser experience of the headset post the WebVR update.

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