IPhone Video Upscaled to FuLL HD

From: http://mikeniles.tumblr.com/

A friend of mine contacted me asking to help him upscale iPhone 3GS video from iPhones for the news station he works at.

Since the iPhone 3GS came out the station is now receiving lots of user generated content. Makes for great news when the witnesses capture video and become the reporters.

The problem here is that all the stations are now HD. They will of course be framing the videos in some fancy boarders etc, but needed to know the best possible way to get a good result.

The above is a clip with a bunch of random shots. I included shots with extreme sunlight and overcast skies, indoor with low light, and even in dark rainy weather outside. I wanted to have a verity of iPhone exposers to test when upscaling.

My end result was video shot with the iPhone upscaled to 1080 / 24P. Will it replace my video cameras on family vacations? No but if in a pinch I need to record a video I see it as some what decent for quick clips.


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