Twitter Adds 360 Degree Live Video Streaming

When people talk about the 360 degree video streaming, YouTube and Facebook were among the pioneer social media networks that hopped on the 360 degree video bandwagon way back in the year 2015. This isn’t the only major update, for some of the most famous social media websites have cleared shores on many security protocols they were following. This essentially gave access to companies like The Marketing Heaven to create and sell likes, shares and views to people in need.

The aforementioned move left Twitter behind on the platform list of pioneer all direction footage experiments for the NBA finals back in the month of June. But, Twitter has finally decided to catch up to its rivals. Twitter is about to launch the live streaming of 360 degree video on Periscope. The social media network released the feature on Wednesday. The company also revealed that there was a catch in the entire thing. The catch is that anyone can watch the 360 degree videos. However, only a handful of ‘selected partners’ would be able to stream the 360 degree videos live. The selected partners include celebrities and influencers. People would be able to watch and interact with one another in real time.


The aforementioned 360 degree live video streaming launch has come after two weeks post Twitter’s announcement about its latest feature. The feature would make the process of broadcasting live videos from the Twitter application easier for the 317 million users. Twitter’s competitor Facebook released live video attributes for the users based in United States of its famous Instagram service. Furthermore, Facebook also made an announcement regarding its plans for releasing a 360 degree live video streaming attribute for its 1.8 billion users all over the world. People wanting to use Twitter’s latest 360 video features from their smartphones simply need to move their phones or tap and scroll around the screen for capturing the entire scenery. Twitter also said that it would be dishing out its 360 degree live video attribute for more users in the upcoming weeks. The interested people have the option of joining a waiting list and answering some brief questions that are relevant in nature for the entire process. The Twitter posts that would be marked with a LIVE 360 red colour badge at the bottom left corner would let one pan around by swiping or moving the screen while one is busy in tuning. Any individual on Periscope and Twitter can watch the videos.


The Periscope users were informed about the new feature in a very nice manner. The service company believes that being part of any broadcast is very similar to stepping into someone else’s shoes and viewing the world from their eyes. The 360 degree live video streaming attribute is just an extension of Periscope’s belief. The 360 degree live video streaming will help the users in experiencing the moments with the broadcaster and taking a look around. The entire process will bring the viewers one step closer to actually being there at the location of the video. The 360 degree live video streaming feature will allow the users to be part of exclusive events, exotic places as well as getting up close with celebrities and famous personalities. Thus, in short, the aforementioned feature is all about connecting with one’s followers in a much better way.


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