Palm Treo Pro *REVIEWED*

Palm-Treo...jpgf_To start out The Gadget 411’s first review we will like to give a big thanks to Palm and A & R Edelman and our contacts Justine and Rosie Pulido, for providing the Treo pro.

The Treo pro is a smartphone by Palm Inc; with windows mobile 6 with wifi  and GPS capabilities. The Excellent qwerty keypad and  shortcut buttons make navigation on the Treo great! On the top of the phone it has a handy “silencer”  which switches all phone noises to vibrations.

The Home screen getting the what info you need. At the top of the screen is a start button then all the connections you are connected to. Also, on the home screen is unread text messages,upcoming appointments,and an revolutionary Google search Yes! right on the home-screen.

After reviewing some of the applications, There all great!  TeleNav is a GPS navigation app where you can call in and tell where your trying to go and it automatically syncs the information to your phone and give you the turn by turn directions.The Internet on the phone is great, webpages adopt well .Included on the  phone as well was mobile office witch was great for viewing your documents on the go.

Last but not least is playing videos. I visited YouTube on the phone and watch some videos and no problems with that.

My overall review of the Phone is an 9.5 out of 10 .

-.5 for the keyboard being a little to small.

Update :

The Call quality is great.

The reception is good on At&t, but the phone comes GSM unlocked.

Battery life, forgot to mention this one. The battery said 10 percent remaining for 2 days , and internet was running in the background.  So , Take it for your self about the battery life.


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