Invisible Shield for iPhone 3G by ZAGG

Many accessories popped up for the iPhone 3G after its release. There are battery extenders and dongles and adapters, but sadly there is nothing to reduce the cost. There are, however, some accessories that will help you protect that investment. If you are like me you do not want to wrap that status symbol, ahem, device… in a full case. It loses all of its cool, right? Well there is an accessory for the vanity in all of all of us. The Invisible Shield by Zagg. Cool factor aside, this product offers some pretty hard core protection. You can get just the screen protector or wrap the entire device with two pieces. Go to and watch the demonstration video. It shows off how scratch proof the wrap really is. The application is more akin to putting aftermarket tint on your car window than the usual stick it on and hope it lines up. They include an application spray that you spray on your fingers and on the device. You then put the designated piece on the device and adjust it. Once you have it exactly where you want you use the supplied squeegee card to smooth out the bubbles and drive all of the fluid out from under the shield. This makes it much easier to line everything up.

One negative is the feel. The iPhone is all about the touch. Everything meaningful that you do with this device is via the touch interface. This makes the feel of the device very important. This cover has a more rubbery feel. It makes your finger drag a bit more when you are performing any gesture that includes a swipe or controlled drag. This can make it feel like you have to push a little harder to get the desired effect. I found it a bit clunky at first but after about a week I was able to get used to it. It is a personal preference really. You have to decide if protecting the device is important enough to you to possible change the user experience. For me it was worth it.

The cost. This is expensive compared to the other covers on the market. You can get 10 of another shield for the price of one full InvisibleShield. This is largely because you need to change the other covers more to keep the same level of performance. You can skimp on some of the other flashy accessories but the investment in the iPhone warrants some protection. If you want the best protection you will have to pay for it. After all it is equivalent to purchasing a few dozen flashlight apps or tip calculators from the Apple App Store right?

If you are giving iPhone protection some thought take a look at this product.

Front Cover: $14.95
Back Cover: $18.95
Full Cover: $24.95

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