MK2 introduces a virtual reality experience

MK2A Paris theater chain called MK2 has launched a virtual reality experience. It features the latest videos and games on the HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR and on the Rift. If you are looking for some good VR games check out this moviestarplanet free vip, you’ll have access to different types of games. You are required to pay an amount of $25 for forty minutes. Then you can play several amazing games such as Star Wars Battlefront: Mission X Wing VR and The Climb. You can even watch VR films. One can fly over Manhattan in the Birdly motion sim as well. Thus, the attributes and features offered seems really interesting. Dedicates to the best VR experiences, the MK2 VR is the first facility to be introduced in France.


One can get the best VR experiences in video games, documentaries, flying motion sims and films. The firm is regulating this idea at a 3,000 sq ft space situated at the flagship cinema of MK2 in the southeast area of Paris. The firm is trying to balance this new generation technology with chic door and accessibility. The metal VR, wood and glass housing the 12 VR pods is pretty cozy. You can also buy drinks in a tent covered tiki style bar, while waiting for your turn to come. It is to be noted that the pods have been organized and arranged around a circular station along with several games and headsets that are hung by the cables. This makes them safely limit the motion so that the user could be comfortable enough. This initiative by the Paris theater chain is undoubtedly an interesting and innovative one.MK2

There are some titles that would need you to stand and there are some others that are better while seated. There is also a Birdly flying motion sim. A pair of Holodia rowing trainers set up for the racing is also present there. MK2 is going to have enough staff on hand in order to assist and help the customers at the stations. For every three customers, there will be approximately one employee available. Tech staff will also be there. They are going to handle the headsets and the MSI computers, facilitated with Intel Core i7-6700K CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce 1080 cards. One can try Homebound Joyride for the Oculus Rift. It is a faster moving and exclusive version of the VR title. One can definitely try The Climb as well. It is amazing rock climbing game using the recently introduced Oculus Touch controllers.

The new comers can opt for the Introduction to VR. It is a 360 degree 3D video for Oculus Rift. This has been produced by MK2 in partnership with Félix & Paul, a VR studio in Paris. The Holofit and Birdly motion sims are going to impress the fans of HTC Vive. Fans of PlayStation VR can enjoy the Ocean Descent VR. They can even try the Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Mission X-Wing VR. Playing the Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight can be a nice idea as well. Assassin’s Creed VR experience will be exclusively offered from 9th December to 31st December. If you want to experience these amazing things for 20 minutes, then you will have to pay an amount of $12.


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