Oculus Touch Review: The Pros and Cons

In the month of March, the Oculus Rift VR headset hit the markets. But it was only in December that the optional movement controllers have been made available for the public. As per experts, its better late than never. In case of users who already own the Oculus Rift, they would want to spend additional $199 for the Oculus Touch. There is a reason behind this. The Oculus Touch is all about comfort when one uses it. It works pretty well as a game controller and lets for precise and smooth motion control. Furthermore, there already exists a resilient variety of games which support the Oculus Touch. There are more compatible games on their way in the near future. Apparently, the experts have very few complaints with the Oculus Touch which is pretty evident from the high scores that the gadget has got. However, the experts definitely want to see a rechargeable battery option for the gadget in the future. Even though, the users need to periodically swap in the AA batteries, it is a small glitch in the way to the amazing experience they are getting.


Talking of the Oculus, it has always paid detailed attention to the fact that the fit and finish of both the software and the hardware are built in such a way that it enhances the user experience. The aforementioned thing is the core of the brand’s DNA system. Users need to follow the familiar and slick interface for setting up the Oculus Touch which was used to set up the Rift. The setup wizard makes use of both images and text for shepherding users via the entire process while the software confirms the connections bit-by-bit. The setup wizard not only works for the sensors but it also notifies the users when he or she forgets to plug in one. However, the aforementioned attribute may seem trivial but it saves a lot of time.

As they say, each and every thing comes with its own set of pros and cons. And same applies to the Oculus Touch. The pros for the Oculus Touch include the incredible comfort it offers to the users while using it. Touch also works effectively as game controllers. Touch offers accurate and smooth movement controls. There is already a wide selection of compatible games available for the Touch. Touch also boasts of familiar layout for the buttons along with having an intuitive design. When it comes to the cons of the Oculus Touch, they are less in number when compared to the pros. Oculus Touch lacks rechargeable batteries. Touch also lacks the inability for the true room scale VR. The sensors seem to lose tracking more often than they should along with the setup being finicky.


Thus, all in all, the Oculus Touch controllers are something that the Rift users need to have because they are pretty solid movement controllers. However, it comes as a surprise that the aforementioned controllers also act as superior gamepads on their own. The aforementioned gadget is a must have for people wanting to have a Rift VR headset.


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