Bose SoundLink Color II – Review

Being a fan of Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker, I could see that the sequel comes up with significant and impressive improvement. It is sounding pretty good for its compact size and shape. The product comes with various options of colors as well. However, the Bose SoundLink Color II is similar in shape this time too. It is slightly squatter and shorter and weighs a bit more as well. The product costs the same price which is AU$179 in Australia and £120, £130 in the United Kingdom. The original product’s finish was pretty smooth with few rubberized trip on the top. It was made of hard plastic and was pretty popular among various gadget freaks.

However, this new model is completely covered in a soft-t0-the-touch rubber. It seems that the product has been better designed so that it can withstand drops. It is official that the new speaker is completely water resistant. The IPX 4 certification makes the product splash-proof. However, it is to be noted that it is not going to be waterproof. There are several other bonus features included as well. These consist of a microphone for speakerphone abilities. There NFC tap to pair technologies included as well for devices that support it.

The Bose SoundLink Color II will be able to remember up to 8 devices paired to it. It is to be noted that the 8 hours of battery life, at medium volume levels, is the same as that of the original one. The speaker now looks a bit more mature. It has a soft to the touch finish that is quite likable. Well, it is to be noted that it also acts as a magnet for dust, carpet fibers and lint. So, you might be required to wipe it down on regular intervals. Taking a wet cloth to wipe it down will not be an issue since the product is water resistant.Bose SoundLink Color II

It is to be mentioned that the product does not include an AC adapter. This might be annoying to some people. However, there is also a companion app iOs and Android Bose connect. It does not do all that much. But is does let you rename the speaker according to your choice. This particular product sounds a tad better than the original one. This makes the product one of the best Bluetooth speakers considering the size. The speaker remains at its very best with music genres such as classical, acoustical live and jazz.  You can play your favorite soft rock genre as well. It goes pretty well with the speaker too but of course, don’t forget that you also have the option of getting the best iPod speakers!

So, you can really have a great time using this product that seems to be more improved than the original one. The product offers a good tonal balance with certain tracks. So, the music lovers are going to enjoy using this awesome gadget. Well, you cannot expect a lot of bass in this product. However, it goes pretty well with hip hop tracks and well recorded techno tracks. So, there are only few minor limitations. Otherwise, the product seems to be a pretty likable one.

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