LG Declares 4K HDR Display for Gamers

There is a wide onslaught of goods approaching the CES 2017 in January. Among the advancing products is LG’s sparkling new 4K HDR display monitor. The company on Wednesday announced of its aforementioned decision related to its flagship display at the event. The monitor is a 32 inch screen with IPS panel that is packed with 32UD99. It also supports the standard of HDR10 which delivers more than a billion or 10-bit colours as well as an extensive colour gamut that covers 95% of the DCI-P3 grade. In addition, LG has expressed its opinion about the 4K HDR monitor. It is of the opinion that the monitor’s True Colour Pro settings give the professional standard image quality along with unmatched colour reproduction accuracy in the entire industry.

The latest LG monitor is one tempting option for graphic designers, colourists and video editors, keeping in mind the pricing. The recent GSE AV reviews online have been letting people know that, LG even added that its latest monitor would be an apt choice for the MacBook Pro users. This is because Apple is not manufacturing its own displays any longer. The LG monitor aids the 4K HDR via a sole USB-C cable which can be used for charging the laptop as well as act as a USB hub simultaneously. It is likely to come with DisplayPort and HDMI inputs also. However, LG hasn’t confirmed the same officially. Furthermore, LG is targeting gamers who are sensitive to colours. The company also reveals that the monitor will support the latest consoles aiding HDR or 4K or both well. The consoles can be anything from Xbox One S to Playstation 4 Pro and everything in between. For gamers that are into dota, visit www.rivalry.gg/matches/dota-2-betting, to bet for your favorite professional team and maybe even win some money.


The 4K HDR display will boast of stereo speakers that feature the RichBass LG technology. The display monitor has a resolution of 3840×2160. However, LG hasn’t disclosed any details related to the LUTs. Other amazing features included in the monitor are the narrow bezels along with the slim stand. LG has positioned the 32UD99 for varied kinds of applications.  As per consumer standard for DCI, it can be used for a variety of consumer electronic products too. But LG hasn’t confirmed the consumer version just yet. However, it will be more reasonable to make an assumption that the company will come out with a consumer standard for the 32UC99 too, just like its other DCI able monitors. The 4K HDR display is also pointed towards the demanding gamers as well as the prosumers.

Apart from the aforementioned features and amazing gaming support, the monitor isn’t just built for giving unadulterated gaming performance. LG is all set bring out the 34UC99 which is a 34 inch model with FreeSync AMD technology. The experts and public will have a better look at the both the HDR variants in January, 2017 apart from learning about their prices. In case, the 32 inch model is priced reasonably then it is bound to have lots of takers who desire the colour reproduction accuracy. The monitor is supposed to hit the markets sometime in the late 2017.


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