MountMe Announces Pre-Order of Freedom, a iPad Wall Mount

MountMe, a company dedicated to bringing one of a kind mounting accessories and solutions to iPad users, is pleased to announce the availability of Freedom™ for pre-order, the only all-in-one carrying and mounting device on the market. Freedom is a sleek protective case for iPad that easily transforms into a highly adaptable and practical mounting device. This visible but unobtrusive all-in-one universal mounting solution is a must have accessory for the kitchen, lounge, bedroom, study, garage, car, airplane, boat and more. Freedom comes in a variety of colors including blue, turquoise, white, purple, metallic grey, red, pink and black. Pre-order now at and receive a 10% discount (one color) on the purchase of one Freedom or a 25% discount on the purchase of two different colored units, plus free shipping in the continental U.S. for a limited time only.


With this universally adaptable mounting solution, the iPad can be easily transformed into a great in-car or on-the-go entertainment system, a wall clock, home automation controller and more. The possibilities and uses are endless. It can be mounted and viewed virtually anywhere including:


• Home

• Work

• Professional Offices

• Classrooms

• Doctor’s Offices

• Hotel Lobbies

• Car Seats

• Head Rests

• Airplane seats

• Walls

• Mirrors

• Windows

• Refrigerators

• Kitchen Cabinets

• Car Visors

• Car and Boat Dashboards

“We are happy to offer this special discount to early adopters who wish to pre-order their Freedom unit now, can be one of the first to start using our all-in-one solution for the iPad that provides freedom of viewing practically anywhere without cumbersome attachments and multiple docking/mounting options,” says Brien Spina, Founder of MountMe.

Freedom features and functions include:


• Heavy Duty Mobile Mounting Strap – Allows you to securely mount your tablet to a headrest, car visor, your leg, and any other object you can wrap a strap around


• Four Suction Cups – Suction cups effortlessly attach to the small bracket portion of the Freedom Mount, and allow a secure mounting option for hard surfaces such as glass, mirrors or a refrigerator


• Screws – Provide for permanent mounting options on a wall or other solid object


• Panning & Tilting Capabilities – The ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees provides unlimited mounting and user capabilities


• Built-in Kickstand – The unique patented design bracket acts as a kickstand for your favorite photo album or by simply reversing the bracket with a turn of the wrist; it will put the tablet into an ideal typing position


• Quick Release On/Off Bracket – MountMe has developed a quick release on/off bracket that allows you to freely and effortlessly remove the tablet from its mounting position to a mobile position while providing the user with a heavy duty attractive protective carrying case


• Special Gripping Surface – The carrying case has been strategically designed to allow for a comfortable gripping surface on any of the four sides that will conform to the palm of your hand which makes such activities as gaming even better


• Symmetrical Flat Back Eliminates Wobbling – MountMe has also solved the wobbling that occurs when an iPad is placed on a flat surface by creating a symmetrical flat back portion of the carrying case creating a perfect user experience


Protect and mount your iPad with a case that makes it accessible and secure anywhere. For more information about MountMe Freedom and other productions visit

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