Facebook Messenger Enables Video Chat with 50 People

Facebook, the social media giant made an announcement on 19th December about its Messenger application. Facebook revealed that the messaging application will enable the users to connect with upto 50 people in a video group chat. The messaging application will stream each and every participant’s camera to everyone in grid view. But this is only applicable to the first six participants. Post the pioneer six participants, the application will show the feed by the dominant speaker only. This in turn makes the messaging application’s video chat attribute among one of the most robust choices in the industry. This is because both other most preferable video chat applications like the Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts only allow a maximum of 10 participants on a video chat session. The video chat addition comes after the April upgrade which first added the feature of group calling feature to Messenger. Before the update, the Facebook’s messaging application was only able to make one-on-one audio calls.

It is pretty clear that Facebook is interested in seizing almost everyone with its latest launch of the Work software. According to https://yourworkpal.com the software will attract the consumers as well as the office employees who are engaged in their fair share of video conferencing and telecommunication. But Slack is already there, the workplace chat application. Slack already has one up against Facebook as it added the video chat feature just last week. However, when it comes to mobile space, the social media giant is dealing with entirely new species of competitors. Snapchat dished out the video calling feature in the beginning of 2016. WhatsApp has just made the video call attribute available to the public since the last one month. But, Facebook is still in the phase of engineering abilities on the video chat front seem to be way ahead than all of its competition in the aforementioned field.


Facebook revealed that the update has already started to roll out for both the Android and iOS users all across the globe. The company stresses that while video chatting, the other functions of the Messenger will remain intact. Thus, users will still be able to send messages, stickers as well as animations during video or audio transmission. Furthermore, there is one special feature for the iOS users. It the live masks feature that closely resembles the Snapchat filters which animate the visual layer over the user’s face in real time. However, the company’s live masks feature will be one step ahead of the Snapchat filters. The feature will supplement the live video chat session with any kind of goofy animation that the users would like to be on their screens. Facebook also added that the aforementioned feature would be available for Android in the near future.


Thus, in short, Facebook wants its messaging to be everyone’s Go-To application for all the communication requirements including the group video chat sessions. People wanting to use the Messenger’s latest feature need to get the latest version of the application for kick starting the group video chat. One simply needs to click on the video icon at the corner of the screen for starting a video chat.


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