Bragi’s Brand New Wireless Earbuds Out Now

The German wireless audio gear company, Bragi made news made quite news on Kickstarter. Bragi made the announcement the follow-up for its feature enriched activity tracker Dash wireless earbuds way back in the September of 2016. The company named the product, Headphone. Supposedly, the Headphone was slated to be shipped in the November of 2016 but because of a small hold-up, the product is no finally accessible to the public. The latest set of wireless earbuds by Bragi come with a price tag of $149. However, the aforementioned pair of in-ear headphones come sans the hand gestures and tracking capabilities when compared to Dash, its $300 elder sibling. Dash also featured on-board storage for playing music sans any sort of phone pairing. But the consumers shouldn’t be fooled by the lack of features of the Headphone. The aforementioned pocket-friendly, inexpensive bluetooth earbuds are still a sturdy set of earbuds to own and to gift. Most of all, you can rest assured that, with that many positive reviews, your purchase is safe.


Talking about the affordability, Bragi’s Headphone is only $10 cheaper when compared to the Apple’s AirPods apart from offering an additional hour of audio. The latter set of earbuds also faced a shipping delay before finally hitting the markets in the month of December. People don’t need to feel something sticking out of their ears when they use Bragi’s audio attachment. The Headphone boasts of on-board controls for volume adjustment which in turn enables transparent audio for hearing the outside world without having to take off the earbuds. People can easily trigger voice commands as well as take calls with the Headphone. However, there can be times when the Headphone might start to feel real uncomfortable when one tries to push some buttons which in turn pushes the earbuds inside the ears. The Headphone isn’t waterproof and the carrying case lacks battery. In other words, people have to do with whatever charge the earbuds have before leaving their house.


The Headphone comes with remedied connectivity issues which were prevalent in Bragi’s Dash. The Headphone which is the more economical version comes sans any dropouts. But most importantly, the Headphone had their connection intact all along when they were being tested. The aforementioned earbuds come with upgraded battery life that lasts upto 6 hours on single charge. The aforementioned battery improvement is the courtesy of Bragi’s nixing of some of the smart features. The Headphone can easily connect to any Bluetooth device for belting out uninterrupted music.

Since the earbuds sans any cords are becoming more and more common, there are several options for the consumers to choose from. Bragi’s Headphone can be a tough competition for the Apple’s AirPods. This is because the former packs in certain features that even the AirPods doesn’t have. Thus, all in all, Bragi’s Headphone is definitely worth considering. Interested customers can order their in-ear headphones from Bragi’s official website. The Headphone is currently being shipped in over 30 countries which include New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong as well as Europe and North America. Bragi offered a warranty extension to the users because of the shipping delay to the pre-ordering customers alongside an apology card.



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