The Apple iPad – 48 Hour Wrap up

So I got to check out the Apple iPad , and here is my findings.

All the hype of the new iPad ; i think its over-rated.  Don’t get it wrong i liked the iPad , The user interface was excellent and the iPad specific apps were kinda cool.

The only problem with this which i think me and alot people are holding off on is that  they should have included is a front facing camera and multi-tasking , this would have made the iPad much more of a priority on my ” I gotta buy this!” List.

Over grown iPod touch ? No at all!  This has some abilities that the iPod touch doesn’t have. (which we wont get into now)  but its alot more than a overgrown iPod.

Note to Apple: I Will buy this iPad when you give me at-least multi-tasking. There is nothing like having to close out the game you are playing to check and important email . The technology is there why not use it!.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Also Check out the poll.


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