Verizon Palm Pre Plus Review

Got my hands on The New Verizon Palm Pre Plus.

The Pre plus is basically a upgrade from the Pre on sprint.

Here are the minor changes:

  • The home button on the front is removed on the Pre Plus. Insted of taping the button on the original Pre you would just tap  the slide area below the screen.
  • Sliding mechanism is enhanced
  • keyboard tweaked

The major changes:

  • The Pre Plus has 16GB of internal storage versus 8GB on the original Pre.
  • Touchstone charger capability right out the box.
  • Bluetooth

The Verdict:

Warning: Not for the business man who types  emails alot. This phone has a incredibly small keyboard.With the minor upgrade changes on this device the major change is the network change. Verizon 3g Speeds are amazing. The 16gb of internal memory makes the device more of a media device to watch videos and download tons of apps on.  Also an expected upgrade is comming sometime in Febuary to include video recording and more..


Stay tuned.

This Device is Avaliable NOW!  @ Verizon $149.00 with the $100 mail-in-rebate with a 2 year contract.




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