CES 2010: Palm Pre & Pixi gets a “refresh”

The Palm Pre and Pixi got a refresh today. The new names the “Pre Plus” and the “ Pixi plus”. The new Palm phone are going to be available for the Verizon network. Some changes on the device includes better slide mechanism, revamped keyboard,and 16gb  storage space. Check out video Below and also keep it to The Gadget 411 for more info!



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2 Replies to “CES 2010: Palm Pre & Pixi gets a “refresh””

  1. This phone look so nice and cool i am very exited about this phone it is really a very nice and cool photo You give me very detail on this phone it is really a very nice.

  2. There's a trend appearing in the mobile world of the super-smartphone and the junior sidekick. While the world had Apple fever over the updates to the iPod range and whether or not the Fab Four would appear – well, at least one or two of them – Palm announced a lite version of the Pre dubbed the Palm

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