Keyboard for iPhone?

Ever wondered if there was a keyboard available for your iPhone well If its jailbroken it is. via Bluetooth

From BTstack Site:

The BTstack Keyboard application allows you to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Foldable, travel-friendly keyboards have been supported for at least a half of a decade by all smartphones, except by the iPhone. That is a shame, as the iPhone is a compact computer you already carry around. Combined with a portable keyboard, it can replace your laptop for taking notes or writing emails at meetings or at your favorite coffee shop.

The applicatiom fills this gap. It is based on the open-source BTstack project, a Bluetooth stack designed for embedded devices where resources are scarce.

BTstack Keyboard runs on jailbroken iPhone 3G(S) and all iPod touch devices with Bluetooth support. It is still unclear if it works properly on the iPhone 2G. It is available via the Cydia Store.

It should work with all Bluetooth HID keyboards. So far, we have tried:

* Apple Bluetooth keyboard

* Think Outside Stowaway Universal keyboard

*Palm Wireless keyboard

This app Is $5.00 in the Cydia Store AVAILABLE NOW!

Check out the video below thanks to Engadget.


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  1. it is just for custom apps. We are open sourcing the audio libs however, so anyone who wants to play with it can. We are keeping this within the confines of a non-jailbroken phone, so we cant modify anything at the system level.

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