Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.0.1

"Apple released iPhone OS 3.0.1 to patch an SMS vulnerability found in the OS."

On July 31st, iPhone users that synced their iPhones were hit with an unexpected update.

Apple released iPhone OS 3.0.1 to patch an SMS vulnerability found in the OS.  This vulnerability targeted specific users by sending a malicious string of code via SMS to their phone.  After the user opens the message, the attacker would then have almost full control over their phone, including opening apps, browsing through their phone book, or even activating their camera.

Charlie Miller, the individual that uncovered the exploit, agreed not to disclose any information until the Black Hat Security Conference that ended on July 29th.  Developers released a temporary fix in the form of a script that could be run on the phone to block the vulnerability until an official update was released by Apple.

iPhone users that have not already updated their OS to version 3.0.1 can open iTunes and click “Check for Update” in the main information window to download the update.

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