Apple To Allow Augmented Reality Apps On iPhone OS 3.1 Update In September

Picture-161-300x173The L.A. Times has reported that Apple will finally allow applications that use new augmented reality technology in the app store then their OS 3.1 update his iTunes in September.  Augmented reality applications apply different types of media over a real time image using the iPhone 3GS’s camera.  A great example of this new technology will be an app called TwittaRound, which will allow users to point their camera in a certain direction, geo-locate and visually position tweets sent from the app on the live image from the camera using the built in compass.

This is just one feature of the new iPhone 3.1 OS update.  The update is said to contain many bug fixes and will be the first update since the release of the iPhone 3GS.  Some new features that have been found in the beta include improved, “non destructive” video editing, vibrating icons when they are moved, and bluetooth voice control.  Developers have also reported that the MMS icon has appeared in the new beta, and a select few have been able to successfully send and receive MMS messages.  One of the problems that users have been talking about that has been said to have a solution in the new update is an overheating issue.

If you are a developer and have seen any other new features in the iPhone 3.1 OS beta, or if you have seen any other improvements or bug fixes, send me an e-mail at and let us know about it!

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