CyanogenMod Transformation to Open Source Lineage OS

Cyanogen announced finally after several months of internal turbulence that it is going to stop all its services as well as nightly builds by 31st December. The company disclosed that it’s a part of the continuing merger of Cyanogen. The company will kill CyanogenMod and transform to the next initiative of open source Lineage OS. The team confirmed that the source code and project will be available for the ones who wish to create personal Cyanogen Mod.

As the services will get stopped, Smartphones having the Cyanogen OS comprising the Lenovo ZukZ1 and OnePlus One will not get the Cyanogen updates any more. The open source project CyanogenMod will be officially dead but the team has a plan of transition to Lineage OS in mind. The team of CyanogenMod has pointed out some reasons of Cyanogen Mod being affected by the current decisions of Cyanogen. The team said that the official death of Cyanogen will not be surprising. The team explained that how Cyanogen decisions were taken and how it was affecting the development of CyanogenMod. They also accepted that the development process was dependable on the monetary support as well as shared base source of Cyanogen.

The team of CyanogenMod explained that Cyanogen Inc avowed that they are finally stopping the services and infrastructure of CyanogenMod. This decision or step was not at all unpredictable. Kondik is himself departing from the company. The infrastructure of CyanogenMod has become old and as a result the voice to direct the CyanogenMod in future has lost. The brand might be sold to a third party even. This is because it was an estate of Kondik who started the dream and business with a risk. They further said that if they would have regrouped and build their infrastructure again, then the progressive CyanogenMod development would actually be like operating with as threat of selling the brand. This would be then a dishonor that would have attached to everything called ‘Cyanogen’. There are people who have clarified that the product of CyanogenMod and the Cyanogen OS are different. But still there is the stain of several actions of PR from Cyanogen which are tough to remove from the CyanogenMod brand. The confusion still remains even after getting the monetary support and shared base source of Cyanogen for CyanogenMod.

The company confirmed the news about their next initiative of open source Lineage OS and some members of the actual team are taking forward the development of Cyanogen and that also in a completely new form. The team is keeping up the spirit and the group of the designers, developers, device translators and maintainers took the required steps to create the source code of Cyanogen and its pending issues. This step is more than what is called ‘rebrand’. The initiative new steps will give back the grassroots effort of the community that was used to explain CyanogenMod. Moreover, they will maintain the professional or premium quality as well as the reliability that people are expecting more from them recently.


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