Review: LG Watch Urbane

The last year LG Android wear launch has set a platform studded with continuous and subtle upgradation. With perfectly fitted software synced with Google, offline music playback and ravishing design, LG Watch Urbane has emerged as the latest representative of the Android Wears. It’s a very innovative hybrid of phone and watch which is accomplished with Wi-Fi connectivity.

LG Watch Urbane Wearable



  • Design:

Urbane is a metallic watch with great finishing. You can change the straps with the generic ones. The shiny metal adds a premium classy effect. A button is present on the side which is analogous to the one present in most of the smart phones. It serves as the power button. You can also use it for setting the screen light manually.  It is a nice and easy to hit button that doesn’t fumbles much. Urbane is a lightweight watch that doesn’t look chunky and massive on your wrist. It’s large, thick and heavy look is just an illusion. The stainless steel of this device is available in both brassy gold and silver.

LG Watch Urbane

  • Specs:

This amazing smart watch is an aesthetic upgrade device unveiled by LG. Urbane is geared up with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400  along with 512 MB RAM inside the premium steel shell. You will discover the familiar beast under the curb appeal. In terms of terms, Urbane appears as a rebooted version of G Watch R with a shiny frame.

LG Watch Urbane

The heart rate monitor which is present at the back is featured with an accelerometer and a barometer which enhances the functionality of this luxury device. The touch screen of this watch is quite responsive towards the swipes

LG Watch Urbane

LG has used the familiar P-OLED 1.3 Screen but has sported it with 5.1.1 Android version for hiking its performance. 

  • Battery life:

Urbane is provided with an awesome built-in 410mAh battery that works pretty well for this amazing smart watch. The display is always-on at the dimmer ambient mode; the battery will extends upto 2 days. The device is provided with a charger cradle which is attached with magnets. The back is snapped with magnets and lined up with metallic contacts. The wall charger and the Micro USB cable are detachable from the pluck and you can use it for charging your phones too. It resembles much like LG Watch R’s charger.

  • Summary:

Urbane is undoubtedly a very innovative smartwear invention of LG. But the big question is whether to go with Urbane or the G Watch R? Although, technically there is no great difference between the two but when it comes to design and software then you will surely love to go with the best one. You can’t get luxury in cheap. So, if you are willing to go with classy and feature loaded Urbane, then definitely you need to jolt your deeper pockets as its cost is $350 which is $50 more than that of G Watch R and other Apple smart wears. For all those who are looking for a smart Android watch, Urbane is absolutely a great classy choice.


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