BlackBerry Leap: An old product in a new package

BlackBerry has recently come up with its first full touch screen smart phone. They have made a comeback with the all new BlackBerry Leap which is featured with a better display, faster processor, bigger battery life, faster camera and a not so cool design. Check out the features of the BlackBerry Leap that offers no great surprises.

BlackBerry Leap

  • Display:

BlackBerry Leap is boasted up with a 5 inch, 1280 x 720p LCD display. It is much sharper and crispier than the BlackBerry Z3. The wide viewing angles are truly mind-blowing. The HD screen appears quite apt but you can find the similar one in the Android rivals available at same price. The vibrant colors on the screen are highly customisable and a white balance setting spot is also available. The only problem with the display is its inability to offer good viewing experience under direct sunlight.

BlackBerry Leap

  • Performance:

This phone is powered with 1.5GHz dual core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 along with a 2GB RAM. It will offer a flawless navigation through home screen and between the hubs, app panel and active panel. The active panel supports around 8 apps simultaneously. The storage capacity of this smartphone is 16GB which you can expand up to 128GB via. SD card. BlackBerry uses BlackBerry 10 latest OS 10.3.1 that makes the most of the underlying hardware and this OS also provides gesture-based movement unlike many other smartphone in the market.

  • Build and design:

In terms of build and design, Leap appears much like the Z3 apart from the touch screen feature. It’s utilitarian and conservative design looks like a chunky rectangular slab with sharp corners. This plastic model possesses an average build quality. It weighs around 170 grams which is enough for a 5 inch phone. It can be represented as a heavier and taller version of the Z3 that will offer you a novel feel. The build quality is terrific and looks very rigid.

BlackBerry Leap

  • Camera:

The most exciting feature of this phone is the camera. Leap is provided with an 8MP camera along with LED flash and autofocus. The 2MP front camera is also no less. Using the time shift camera feature, one can easily select the best photos from a series of snaps and can also use the additional filters. Lack of granular control for the setting is a bit disappointing. Users can easily switch between the burst, time shift, normal and panorama shooting modes. It produces superb daylight pictures. Leap  provides a mind-blowing low light performance too, look at the sample picture below.

BlackBerry Leap

The front camera is quite functional although the quality is not that good. However, you can use it for taking selfies and for video chats.

  • Battery life:

The battery life of this device is a big selling point. BlackBerry Leap is powered with an impressive battery life. Using the 2,800 mAh power reserve of this phone, you can watch videos and listen to your favourite song for long hours without using the charger. It automatically shifts to the battery saving mode at 20 percent remaining. Undoubtedly, Leap is fantastic in terms of battery life. It is one of the brightest spot for this smartphone.

  • Conclusion:

It appears as if the BlackBerry Leap is targeting the young professionals who prefer to go with full touch screen rather than using the QWERTY one. This phone is available at $279 which keeps it up against the other illustrious Android rivals. BlackBerry Leap is launched to target the young tech savvy professionals, but only the time will tell how much they are going to appreciate it.

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