Asus T300 Chi Transformer Book: A portable techno-gadget

Asus has joined the line-up of the Android tablets paired with clever folding keyboard docks with its morphed and redesigned Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi that will offer you a laptop like experience.

Its unrivalled slim and sleek design has made the company proclaim it as a device which is thinner than the air. Everything about this exclusive T300 Chi Transformer book by Asus is just phenomenal. From the smooth, thin and glossy look to its power-packed performance, all makes it a perfect device for every gadget freak.


  • Speed and performance

Chi T300 is provided with the Intel Core M processor that might get zippy at times.  But the speed of the gizmo is still satisfactory. One can enjoy perfect gaming experience on this exclusively thin and light weight device. The 15.2fps will set a Unigine Heaven benchmark which will add more fun to the games. The keyboard is provided with large island styled key along with a reasonable key depth and decent touchpad.

  • Design and display

Asus T300 Chi is next to perfect when it comes to display and design. It comes under the strong points of this exclusive device. It possesses a pleasant 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution along with a viewing angle friendly IPS LCD panel. It is featured with a sharp looking system and a versatile hybrid design. Chi is much lighter and thinner in comparison to the 12 inch Macbook and Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. The bright sharp screen is enabled with pressure-sensitive pen input. Premium quality and high resolution screen are some of the ravishing attributes of this mind-blowing device.

  • Battery life

High-lighting the compromises associated with this T300 transformer Book, we can say this wonderful device struggles a bit when it comes to the battery life. The skimpy runtime create a bit disappointment. This device is provided with a low power Intel core processor and a 32Wh, 4,120mAh cell. In the video rundown test, this cell provided with this device lasted within 5 hours and 51 minutes. Inspite of the “Splendid” display utility, you need to set your screen profile on the normal mode for enjoying the maximum battery life.

  • Pricing

Chi is undoubtedly a very affordable gizmo with a starting price of $699. On paper, this device offers you the most budget friendly chance to swipe your fingers on the smooth and glossy super skinny machine. This device truly deserves a second glance if you are really interested in investing for a smart hybrid device.

  • Conclusion

The all new Transformer Book Chi T300 by Asus is a stylish and intriguing alternative for all those who are interested in a Windows Laptop Hybrid. Although, it possess a room for improvement in terms of battery life and display but still its 2 in 1 design makes it a suitable for all. It serves as a wonderful combination of new components, smart design and a very budget friendly price. This small fully feature loaded hybrid will bring out best value for your money.

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