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Macbook 13 inch Led Backlit display

Macbook 13 inch Led Backlit display



Apple Releases it new led 13.3 inch Led Back-lit Macbook today here is the stats

  • Precision aluminum unibody enclosure.

    Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the new MacBook not only looks stunning, it’s also thinner, lighter, greener, and more powerful than ever.

  • LED-backlit display.

    The ultrathin 1280-by-800-pixel LED-backlit display shows off your digital media perfectly. And it’s as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes: The gorgeous glass and aluminum enclosure is arsenic- and mercury-free, and LED technology makes it more power efficient.

  • Advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics.

    Experience the most powerful MacBook graphics ever. With a new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M processor, the new MacBook delivers up to 5x more graphics performance, so you can immerse yourself in lifelike 3D games.

Vacuuming your MAC

If your computer is extremely dirty inside and out, bring it to your nearest Apple retailer or computer repair establishment for a consultation.
Always close your MacBook’s shell when it is not in use to prevent the collection of dust. When traveling, store the computer in a sealed, padded carrying case.
One last tip: Turn the computer off when you are not using it. If you inadvertently open the lid, you can be given the time to plug it back in before damage to the keyboard and optical drive occurs. Note that laptop batteries can only hold power for approximately 2.5 hours at a time.

What you will need:
-A Vacuum hose
-Fibrous brush attachment 

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