Space-X to launch ocean-monitoring NASA Satellite in 2021

Space-X of Elon Musk has given a contract to bring forth NASA satellite in 2021. The mission of Surface Water and Ocean Topography will start at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It will use the rocket Falcon 9 to carry the research hardware in the orbit. NASA from there will perform the ever first global surface water of Earth’s survey.

It will take a detailed record of how the changes in ocean took place gradually with time. This launch will cost a total of about $122 million. But Space-X will not bear the entire cost. As per the news, other organizations will also bear some of the cost acting as an additional support.

This launch is the current example of increasing influence of Space-X in the space department. The company is aspiring and assertive. Billionaire set on colonizing Mars has fuelled it. The explosion of Falcon 9 in Cape Canaveral in September is although a setback but Space-X is continuing to progress.

The manufacturer of rocket is controlling missions of resupply to International Space Station and it is presently creating Dragon spacecraft’s manned versions. In January, the company delivered NASA and some other scientific institutions Jason-3 Satellite, the ocean scanner. In the coming year it is going to launch the planet seeking TEES Satellite.

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