HiMirror: The first ever smart mirror to focus on your flaws

If your reflection in the mirror tells that you are the fairest of all, then it is something new. There are many smart mirrors now that promise to say that you are the most beautiful person in the world. And HiMirror is only the first one that you can purchase which $189. It comes in a form of camera which captures your natural image and scans your complexion. Then it provides the tips by which you can make your skin better.

The mirror weighs 5.5 pounds and is very cute for its pink accent. It has a LED screen of 15 inch and houses a camera at the centre of a ring flash. This lightens up your face to take better pictures. HiMirror captures images of your face regularly to spot your wrinkles, dark circles, red spots, dark spots and pores. The device is made on this principle that it will keep a track on your changes of skin over time and point out the problems to help you take necessary steps early to make your skin better and fulfill your aims of beauty.

You have to stand in front of the mirror and put the face perfectly on alignment so that the camera recognizes you. The HiMirror will then capture a photo and then show the fine lines and red spots comparing with the previous day’s ones. For all your problems it will offer instructions like drinking more water or sleeping more and also other things. The HiMirror is paired with an iOS or Android app to help you track your complexion every day.


Along with all these, HiMirror plays videos of several skin care techniques, play music from Spotify, display the weather forecast and the day’s UV index. You can inform it about the different beauty products you use and it will analyze which one has been affecting the respective problems and which are not. The company calls it as Beauty box. However, it is not yet known the number of brands and products this feature is supporting but most of the big brands are known to support.

The camera has some features of security. It will start its operating system only after identifying your face. You can also use a passphrase to start it. In that case, the HiMirror will identify your voice and let you sign in. Now this is valuable only if you are concerned about your complexion and doesn’t want others to know anything about it. The company is also trying to add some scale with the mirror in order to measure body weight and percentage of fat in your body. The mirror will similarly play videos on the techniques to reach your goal. The mirror should be installed mostly on walls. This will let you enjoy the ring light that is on the top of HiMirror. It is just like the flash that is used to make the portraits look brilliant by photographers. The HiMirror has lots of interesting features and knows its target audience.


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