Funambol Unveils mVoIP Mobile-Cloud Sync

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 30, 2009 — Funambol, the leading provider of open source mobile cloud sync and push email, today introduced the world’s first open source mobile cloud sync solution for mVoIP. The solution lets mVoIP users sync contacts from a variety of sources, including mobile phones, email systems, personal computers and social networks. Its contact syncing enables users to call more people and increases mVoIP utilization. The solution’s basis on open source allows it to be fully customized, in contrast to proprietary solutions.

mVoIP enables users to conduct Skype-like voice calls on cell phones using wifi and other non-cellular networks. A recent Visiongain report says that mVoIP will be a game changer and offers significant business opportunities for mobile operators and others in the wireless industry.

A challenge with mVoIP is that users start with an empty address book which curtails their usage because they lack the contact info for people they want to call, such as their email address, phone number or mVoIP user ID. Most mVoIP services are unable to sync contact info from cell phones or other places. Funambol enables mVoIP to sync contacts from many sources via the Internet cloud, automatically populating the user’s mVoIP address book. When contact data is updated anywhere, the changes propagate to the user’s address book, allowing them to continue reaching people when their contact info changes. Funambol’s solution for mVoIP is an extension of its mobile cloud sync software that makes it easy to keep data and content on cell phones in sync with other sources.

The Funambol mVoIP cloud sync solution is based on open source which provides several benefits. As mVoIP is an emerging technology, it is important that providers be able to rapidly adjust their service for trends and market conditions. Open source’s code availability offers full control, which differs from proprietary vendor APIs that permit limited customization. Open source also provides the broadest device compatibility and a global developer community that helps adapt the software for the latest wireless handsets. The Funambol solution also includes an AJAX portal that keeps contact info in sync across many sources via the cloud. This makes it convenient for users to use a web browser to add, change or remove address book info, rather than doing this on a mobile phone.

“Several of our customers are mVoIP providers that sync user address books with email systems and social networks”, said Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol CEO. “They selected Funambol because open source lets them fully customize the solution to support their needs and target devices”.

The Funambol open source mobile cloud sync solution for mVoIP is immediately available.


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