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The 404 343: Where we’re so Liz Money we don’t even know it ( Check out Podcast below)

Star of The Gadget 411’s “The Money Shot” Web show, Liz Money, joins us in the studio today to talk about the gadgets she’s currently obsessed with. Liz is in town from New Orleans (see Nawlins) and was nice enough to stop by the 404 studio for some good, clean fun.

That wholesome fun ends when we get into a story about a recent Trojan outbreak in the office that, while seemingly benign, spread like wildfire. Liz helps gets the message across: it’s always best to use antivirus protection.

Next it’s on to Ron Howard’s new film “Angels & Demons”. We chat about how the book will probably still be better than the movie, but that it’s pretty much guaranteed to be better than “The DaVinci Code.”

Finally, we quickly touch on the fate of Duke Nukem Forever, a game stuck in the development process for just over an entire decade. Then we get Jeff’s quick take on SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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