Nikon D3X DSLR… Excessive does not cover it

Nikon revealed the details of its flagship camera recently. The new D3X DSLR boasts a maximum resolution of 24.5MP. If you have ever thought to yourself ‘I would love to be able to take a picture of my dog that I could put on a billboard.’ this is the camera for you. It has all of the features you expect in a high end camera. Live view and a peppy 5 fps continuous shooting speed are among the many.

There are different classes of cameras. Consumer level are also known as point and shoots. They take care of focus and adjustments for you. You have no/few options for adjustments with this class. Then there is Prosumer. This is the class that many people go for. You can adjust some features with this class but you are still restricted. You do not have complete control. Then there is the Professional class of camera. You can control every aspect of the shot. You have more options on these cameras than your washer and dryer combined. This camera is so far into the Professional Class that it is merging into its own. What would we call that class? Pro-Awesome maybe?

Go to the Nikon D3X site for all of the details. Oh and by the way. If you would like to own one of these fine machines it will only cost you $8,000.00. Come on, think of how much money you could get for the awesome pictures you would take… or not.


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