AT&T’s Samsung Eternity (SGH-a867)full interaction, total entertainment

Now in Stores!

At first glance to me, It looks like Googles G1

Here is the info from Samsungs Site

The SAMSUNG Eternityâ„¢ isn’t just a phone; it’s the total package. It’s a full touch screen full of entertaining features. And it takes full advantage of 3G high-speed technology. You get AT&T Mobile Music, AT&T Mobile TV, a 3.0 megapixel camera, GPS and so much more. With all that entertainment, and 200MB of built-in memory, you’ll be able to enjoy this SAMSUNG for an eternity.

qwerty keyboard
The Eternityâ„¢ has a unique onscreen QWERTY keyboard you can access in landscape or portrait mode (or even switch between the two). In either mode, the Eternityâ„¢ lets you type as fast as you talk.
3.0 megapixel camera
With a full 3.0 megapixels, the SAMSUNG Eternityâ„¢ will shoot beautiful pictures every time. There’s also a digital zoom, brightness control and camcorder that shoots videos of up to one hour long.

AT&T Mobile Music
Thanks to AT&T Mobile Music and 3G speed, the Eternityâ„¢ lets you play and download all your favorite tunes and ringtones. And thanks to the built-in microSDâ„¢ memory slot, you can save it all.
AT&T Navigator

With AT&T Navigator, the SAMSUNG Eternityâ„¢ gives you GPS-enabled turn-by-turn directions, maps, traffic updates and more.

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