Adidas Sells Limited Stock of 3D Printed Shoes


Of late, 3D printing has been more and more popularity with each passing day. One of main reasons behind the aforementioned exponential popularity is the fact that one can print almost anything by making use of the aforementioned technology. Adidas had been juggling with the concept of amalgamating 3D printing technology into footwear manufacturing. The company launched the concept of Futurecraft 3D in the year 2015. However, the German sportswear didn’t want to stop there. Some five months ago, Adidas displayed its latest running shoes made by using the 3D printing technology. Now, the international shoe seller is all set to make the 3D printed running shoes available for the public. However, the shoes are limited in number.

The 3D printed running shoes are priced at a whopping $333 which makes them not everyone’s cup of tea. But, the people who had been eyeing the shoes shouldn’t be bothered by the pricing. This is because one can’t really expect the aforementioned kind of 3D printed running shoes would be priced cheaply even after being manufactured by a premium company. The shoes are supposed to be having limited stock, at least at the launch.

The latest 3D printed runners are up for reservations on the Adidas application as well as sign-ups begin for their ownership from December, 12th. Thus, interested buyers are to get the application for getting their feet in the 3D printed running shoes because of their limited availability. For people, who successfully managed to them a pair have the option of picking up the shoes from three locations from December, 15th. But unfortunately, these locations are Tokyo and London apart a latest flagship store in New York City. The NYC store is located at the 5th Avenue. Thus, interested buyers in other parts of the world who have no means of getting to the aforementioned three locations will have to wait. People could get a pair in the resell markets where they will be priced hundreds of dollars upwards than the original price.



Furthermore, the Adidas application is available for both Android and iOS. The company reassures the public that the shoes have their own sets of benefits and aren’t merely a marketing gimmick. The 3D printed running shoes are an engineered 3D web framework that has impenetrable sections in the lower force areas. The dense zones enable the runner with the optimal level of performance. The 3D running shoes also pack in a heel counter that is merged into the middle section and does away with the conventional process of stitching or gluing. Enhanced support, compliancy and elasticity are some benefits of the 3D runners.

Talking about the shoes, they boast of the Primekit top combined with a 3D printed sole. The shoes have the same design as that of the ones that the company presented to the medal winner athletes of the 2016 Rio Olympics. There is a lesson that other shoe manufacturers can learn from Adidas. The companies can make use of the 3D printing technology for manufacturing their products.

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