Project Fi: The next gen Wireless service provider

Project Fi, yes, you can hear this buzzword in all tech-hubs present around the globe. Google has officially launched Project Fi, which is capable to replace conventional wireless service providers around the globe. However, this advance mobile service has not received positive response from Sundar Pichai, who was also attending Mobile World Congress, where Google first revealed this service. To complete this project Google collaborated with T-mobile and Sprint. Google is looking forward to harness more than millions of Wi-Fi hotspots that provides free service. Google plans to target and help those networks, which provide slow speed, and replace them with high-speed network in your neighborhood.

Project Fi Vs Big 4

Project Fi Vs Big 4

The best thing about Project Fi is the ability to browse web, play media, use applications, and make calls as soon as you enter into a Wi-Fi spot, no matter whichever network you use. With Project Fi, you can also contact and use all the above-mentioned services on your device. Not only this, Project Fi will also protect you from hackers, as it will protect your data by encrypting it as soon as you get connected to open or Public Wi-Fi network.

Project Fi service is very affordable and starts with only $20. For this little charge, you will get free international calls, free internet roaming, and also free browsing and text at no added or hidden costs. After that you will be charged with $10 for every additional gigabyte you consume. The affordability of this service does not end here, the most important thing about this, is that you will only be charged for the amount of data you use. Suppose you subscribe for 3GB plan and you used only 2.2GB, in this case your bill will be credited with $8.

Currently, Motorola Nexus 6 is the only Smartphone in the market that supports this wonderful network of Project Fi. If you don’t have this Smartphone, you can get the unlocked version for $649 in the US market; you can also get this phone on equated monthly installments by paying $27 a month for 2 years.

Project Fi

Project Fi is currently available to few privileged users only, who are part of its “Early Access Program”, and they will be able to use this service only for few days in a week. If you want to test this service in your area you can request for it by applying for an invitation.

Sundar Pichai, who is Chief of Google’s products, said at the Mobile World Congress that the reach of Google’s first wireless will be limited, and will be unable to form infrastructure that covers whole nation. He also said that this service will be very similar Google’s Fiber. He added that this service is not developed to give competition to the well established wireless service providers but to initiate innovations in wireless sector and drive carriers to follow the path of innovation.

It is predicted that if Google turns this project into a successful wireless service, it will assist Facebook and Apple to launch their respective wireless services.

Like any other Google venture, this project also running on great risk just like the Google Glasses. If the customers are not happy, they will only blame Google and not T-mobile or Sprint, in that case, the wireless service will provides low speed and inconsistency to the customers.







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