How HTML 5 has changed the way we view the web on tablets

indexThese are decidedly fast-paced times that we are living in, with the developments in digital technology gathering pace at an unstoppable rate, and sometimes these developments do not take the predictable path. When Apple made the decision to embrace HTML 5, rather than Adobe Flash as a platform for its devices, this was seen as (to put it kindly) an eccentric move – but a few years down the line and no-one is talking about it in those terms, as HTML 5 has trounced Flash in the subsequent battle.

In fact, one of the major reasons why HTML 5 has risen to prominence so rapidly in the period since Apple announced those plans, is because of the development of tablet devices suited to the technology. It has had a tremendous impact on the way we view the internet on these devices, because it allows for sharper, clearer images and greater fluidity when it comes to graphics. One area where this is particularly significant is when it comes to gaming on tablets – whether it is at internet casinos or using some other form of mobile games app. Online casino gambling on sites like is far more immersive and enjoyable on a tablet using HTML 5, because this gives the user a combination of the biggest possible screen display and the best quality of images and graphics – making the overall experience closest to what the casino companies intend for their users.

HTML 5 is also altering the way in which we view the web on tablets, by making it much easier to access audio and visual material, because – unlike Flash – it does not require to be supported by external plug-ins. As anyone who has used Flash will know, it is prone to crashing which can be a decidedly frustrating experience for anyone who makes extensive use of video or audio material when viewing the web.


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