SOUL by Ludacris unveils “Party in a Box” Entertainment Center at CES


Soul Electronics, a global leader in pro and consumer audio manufacturing and the creators of the popular SOUL by Ludacris premium headphone line, has unveiled its newest audiophile device, Party in a Box, at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las

This sleek, yet powerful wireless entertainment system is completely unique in its
class with three different built-in formats, including Apple AirPlay® capability for
use with iOS devices, advanced Bluetooth streaming capability that allows users
to pair with various Bluetooth devices, and a 5.8GHz two way transceiver that
provides CD quality, uncompressed wireless listening and allows users to sync
together multiple PIAB units or other wireless speakers for an expanded sound
system. Perfect for the home, dorm room or even outdoor entertaining, the SOUL
Party in a Box has the sonic power to deliver the impact of a full home
entertainment system in the form factor of a mobile boom box.

“We have dedicated some of the world’s most advanced audio engineering
technology to the Party in a Box, and we can’t wait to see the reaction when we
unveil this powerful system at the CES Show,” said Bob Bonefant, The SOUL
Man. “We are confident that we’ve got a product that is untouchable, and SOUL
fans will not believe their ears when this thing fires up.”

The robust eight-speaker, Omni-Directional Hybrid system with dual 6.5-inch
subwoofers, two 3-inch midrange speakers and four one inch tweeters fills any
room, delivering stunningly powerful sound with a superb balance of deep bass
with clear mids and highs. Its digital signal processing capabilities deliver
precision balancing and mixing of bass, mids and highs for a full range of sound.

The modern black casing with aluminum accents offers an extra design element,
creating a sophisticated look to complement the superior sound characteristics.
The programmable multi-color perimeter light helps set the perfect mood for any
event. Party in a Box also features an FM RDS tuner.

The 110V to 240V AC 50/60 Hz power supply allows users to enjoy Party in a
Box in most locations around the world. It also includes a 12V cigarette lighter
adapter; ideal for tailgating, camping, and boating. Plus, the optional high-
capacity rechargeable batteries keep the party going for hours when AC or 12V
power is not available.

Want to take the party outdoors? The auxiliary audio input makes Party in a Box
the perfect theater audio system for outdoor entertainment, allowing users to
connect Party in a Box to additional stereos and sound sources for a larger
sound system.

For hosts looking to communicate with their guests, the balanced MIC input
delivers crystal sound, turning Party in a Box into the ultimate PA system. It also
has a headphone jack for private enjoyment. Plus, the unique guitar strap makes
mingling and controlling the music environment easier, and more fun, than ever

The VU analog meters offer an added visual effect. They display the current
voltage output of Party in a Box so users can watch the needles jump back and

The onboard controls and integrated lockable handle makes Party in a Box the
perfect docking solution, bringing the old school boombox design into the 21st
century. It even has a guitar style shoulder strap for added comfort when partying

And for the ultimate movie theater experience on the go, Party in a Box can bring
any movie soundtrack to life with its spacial signal processing and thundering
bass, and it even has an HDMI output for a projector or TV.


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