GoSun solar cooker: a tasty step towards environment protection

At first look the GoSun solar cooker looks brilliant and a novel invention. This eco-friendly cooker is made by Patrick Sherwin; he took into consideration the established ideas of evacuated tube hot water heater and concentration of solar energy for heating, and used these ideas to reform cooking. It is bit different from the conventional solar cookers as it requires modification of users diet according to its functioning, this is not one of the shortcomings of the cooker, contrary to this it is the advantage because it will make your diet more healthier and do not allow you to generate food waste. You can use this following the best diet tips at 10naturalhomeremedies.com/.

Several materials like stainless steel frame, mirrored aluminum refractors, soft rubber grips, Enamelized steel pans, rubber feet, borosilicate glass vacuum tubes, aluminum tray, and stainless steel insulated lid are used to make this incredible GoSun solar cooker. This cooker has a custom made evacuated tube which is 5 inches in diameter from inside. It is very spacious and you can comfortably put in racks, trays and a whole lot of meat in it for cooking. The GoSun solar cooker comes with a solid base, big cover and a stand so that you can use this cooker as a perfect backyard barbeque. What makes it more special is that this latest GoSun solar cooker is free from the problems and shortcoming of its predecessors with its solar battery supplier taking in more energy than any other one before it.


It is a lot healthier by cooking the main dish in GoSun solar cooker than using charcoal for cooking, and it is also better than using gas for cooking due to its eco-friendly nature, its source of energy is sun which is available forever.  Now the question arises that how will be cooking done on solar cooker during cloudy days and at night? The solution of the problem is the solar batteries installed in this GoSun solar cooker, this battery has enough of organic wax material that helps in phase changing. If you use this battery in the GoSun solar cooker for two hours, you can help yourself for cooking a meal for eight persons. This terrific is done by the cooker using latent heat capacity of the Phase Change Material known as PCM. This can generate heat up to 205 degree Celsius. This is all possible because the vacuum tube is the best insulator.

GoSun is suitable for any type of cooking; it can prove helpful in boiling, roasting, steaming and baking. The above methods are lot healthier and better than grilling. GoSun is participating in Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves in which locals of the Guatemala are taught how to use the GoSun solar cooker and help in reducing smoke inhalation related problems in the region. This alliance is also working for the people who eat food cooked from the dirty fuel sources.

The GoSun cooker is available in two options the bigger one for $279 and a GoSun mini offered at $79. Both the cookers come with a two year warranty. You can get this excellent eco –friendly GoSun solar cooker in stores from the last week of December this year.

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