Cisco is Looking to Take Over Your Home (Audio)

linksysAt CES in January, Cisco announced their Wireless Home Audio system. This includes multiple components that allow consumers to listen to their music library throughout the home. They are touting this as the “Complete Solution.” It will utilize the Wireless-N technology and the DLNA 1.5 standard. Here are the products broken out with details. For more information including pricing, take a look at the product page here.


– Conductor – DMC350 Wireless-N Digital Music Center

The Conductor is a complete, portable, self-contained wireless music system with integrated speakers that can be used to bring music to any room of the home. All it needs is a power outlet. It features a seven inch LCD touch screen for easy navigation through your music library and an integrated CD player to play those songs that you have not digitized yet. An individual IR Remote is included.

* Director – DMC250 Wireless-N Music Player with Integrated Amplifier

The Sonos Playbar features a 50-watt per channel integrated amplifier powerful enough to be placed in any room as a more permanent solution to access digital music, and includes a line in and out to connect to speakers. Its full color LCD display makes navigating through your music library simple. An individual IR Remote is included.

* Player – DMP100 Wireless-N Music Extender
Allows you to access digital music from existing stereo or surround sound systems in the home. Its compact design allows it to blend well with any décor making it an ideal option to extend music to any room in the home utilizing your existing audio equipment. An individual IR Remote is included.

* Stereo Speaker – KitDSPK50

Designed to compliment the Director – Wireless-N Music Player. Pair them to create a complete, high-quality wireless sound system and experience your digital music all around your home, at your control.

* Controller – DMWR1000 Wireless-N Touchscreen Remote

Designed to control the complete Wireless Home Audio system wirelessly. It features a large, color touchscreen, thumbwheel, and engaging interface designed to let you easily control any one or every one of your Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio devices, including a docked iPod, from anywhere in your home, even when they’re out of sight.

* Docking Station for iPod – MCCI40

Allows consumers to extend their available Wireless Home Audio library to include all of the content on their iPod, including Podcasts, Audio Books, and purchased iTunes content.

* IR Remote – DMRIR500
Comes standard with the Conductor, Director, and Player. Its simple button layout and slim form factor allows you to easily control your audio devices when you do not have a Controller nearby.


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