[Holiday Gift Guide 2010] Top 5: Gifts for Mom

Here are the Top 5 Gifts to get Mom for the Holidays. Click the Title of the product for more details.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a present for Dad make sure you check these Fathers Day Gifts.

5.  Blackberry Torch

  • Easy to use blackberry phone.
  • Qwerty keyboard for fast Text messaging and Emailing

Price: @ AT&T $99.99 *With 2 year Agreement






4.  Authentic Louis Vuitton iPad Case

  • Perfect for the Chic Mom looking to style out her iPad.
  • A little on the expesive end , But what mom doesnt want a designer iPad Case

Price: £240.00 approx. $400  Almost as much as the iPad!



3. Dell Inspiron Mini 10

  • Available in Many colors so you can get moms favorite.
  • The Mini form factor makes it easy to take to work or soccer practice.

Price: $369.00



2. 4th Gen iPod Touch

  • Perfect for moms classic hits.
  • Good for checking weather and recent news.

Price:$ 269.99  32gb






1. Sony DCR-SX44 Camcorder

  • Very Compact and easy to transport
  • Perfect to record any event such as soccer practice or a birthday party.
  • Playback all your special events on your TV

Price: $229.99


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