GoPro Hero5 Black Review

The Hero5 Black is more than just a camera by GoPro. Hero5 Black is the answer to shoot, edit and share videos from any corner of the world. It doesn’t matter if one is at the beach or on a cliff or in one’s backyard, one can share videos from almost anywhere. GoPro launched the Hero5 Black cameras some two years ago. But it came as no surprise when the GoPro rivals upped their camera game with amazing features as well as with pricing. Hero5 Black which was GoPro’s top of the line product back in day, the camera still lacked the most vital feature, a touchscreen. The lack of touchscreen made it appear lesser attractive than the less pricey Hero4 Silver camera. However, with Hero5 Black, GoPro aims to correct every fault that it made with the Hero4 Black.

The Hero5 Black is priced at $399 in the US markets, AU$549 in the Australian markets and £350 in the United Kingdom. The camera lets go off the polycarbonate housing. The device is waterproof up to 10 meters or 33 feet apart from being dust-proof. People don’t really have to have second thoughts while taking the camera out in the snow, sand, surf, rain or mud. The camera has no muffled audio quality when all sealed up. The lens cover can be replaced easily in case it gets dinged. For extra protection of the camera, one can make use of the housing case which will able the user to take the camera along to a depth of up to 60 meters.

Hero5 Black


With Hero5 Black, GoPro also let go of the three button setup which was seen on the earlier camera models. One simply needs to press the top button for record and start shooting. The button should be pressed again for stopping the shooting and also for turning off the camera. The button at the side for small shooting mode can also be used as power button. What more, you ask? The Hero5 Black can also be controlled via voice commands. The list of voice commands includes GoPro Start Recording, GoPro HiLight, GoPro Stop Recording, GoPro Video Mode and GoPro Time Lapse Mode among many others. However, there are no voice commands for turning on or off wireless or the in-built GPS that would have saved some battery life. The voice command works pretty well in noisy surroundings too. The voice command enables a user to mount the camera overhead and go about recording things hands-free.

Thus, all in all, the GoPro Hero5 Black camera boasts of wide and raw dynamic photo range captures and linear field video views, waterproof body, touchscreen, electronic image stabilization, voice control, GPS, stereo audio as well as the option for auto cloud uploading. But the cons include poor battery life while using Wi-Fi, GPS and EIS etc. The camera isn’t compatible with old batteries and the auto upload feature will work with $5 a month Plus GoPro service. The electronic image stabilization and linear field view aren’t available for all frames and resolution rates.


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