Elon Musk Reveals Tesla’s Autopilot Arrival

Tesla is one company that has been making consistent progress towards its aim of creating latest cars that boast of self-driving capabilities. Elon Musk has shared some updates regarding the company’s progress about their pet project along with some revelations about the Enhanced Autopilot feature. The company wants to release the upgraded version of the semi-autonomous assistant driving system Tesla is organising to launch, prior to the availability of the whole anatomy. Tesla is all set to sanction further self-driving attributes in its latest cars prior to the end of December. The aforementioned news was revealed by Elon Musk via a tweet on 22nd December. He further added that Tesla is all ready to dish out majority of the autopilot attributes for HW2 by the end of next week. Musk is the Tesla CEO. In addition, the tweet was in reference to the introduction of the hardware for latest Tesla vehicles that were announced way back in the month of October.

Tesla further revealed that during the time of October announcement, the Autopilot 2 offered wholesome self-driving abilities. But not each and every feature of the Autopilot was sanctioned during the launch. At the time, the company said that it also needed to calibrate the structure by making use of millions of miles of actual life driving. The aforementioned calibration was vital before moving onto the features such as automated emergency braking, active cruise control and collision warnings could be used in the vehicles. Several of the features mentioned above have actually been inculcated in the earlier versions of the Autopilot. However, Tesla is of the opinion that it would require some robust validation prior to the Autopilot’s reintroduction.

Elon Musk

The validation sounded more like it was on its way to the close. But it is still pretty unclear as to what exactly will the attributes be coming in the future. Going by Musk’s indication of majority of the features would be soon available for the public, might be another way of putting the fact that some of the features are still in the testing stage. Musk also said in an earlier tweet that the vision for neutral net Tesla Autopilot has been working well currently. But the company needs some more of road time for its validation in a wide variety of environmental situations.

Musk also addressed the questions asked by the followers regarding the progress of the Enhanced Autopilot. He even answered follower’s questions related to the company’s new vision system which is at the heart of the improvements related to the Autopilot. Tesla understands the impatience of the Tesla users. The customers who took the delivery of Tesla vehicles were promised that their vehicles would be having everything one needs hardware related for the achievement of full anatomy. However, there was one catch that the customers failed to notice. The latest cars wouldn’t feature Tesla’s current system of Autopilot and would rather have to wait for the arrival of the Enhanced Autopilot. As the name suggests, the Enhanced Autopilot would be better than its predecessor.

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