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Telegram Introduces Blogging Platform

Telegram Introduces Blogging Platform

Everyone wants quick solution to their problems, be it in real lives or in their virtual lives. There are people who bubble with amazing ideas and want to blog them but end up doing nothing for a simple reason, which is laziness and not getting enough attention. Well, but not anymore,. Telegram has a solution for the aforementioned problem and working with conversion rate optimization firms can get your blogging website going and you would want to blog more.

Telegram is venturing into something beyond its regular realm of messaging application and into something more that offers a wholesome experience to the users. Telegram launched a publishing platform called Telegraph that has obvious similarities with Quip and Medium. The launch was made on Tuesday. The most interesting thing about Telegraph is that one doesn’t need an account for posting anything. All one needs to do is get on the website, type in what one wants to be write, hit publish and the write-up will be up on the internet in no time.


Telegraph is being described as the publishing tool which will enable people in creating posts enriched with markdown images along with other embedded stuff. Experts are of the opinion that Telegraph seems just like Facebook Messenger with a Notes tool or like Twitter’s integration with Medium. One can create a post in no time along with minimum restrictions. One can even create a title for one’s write-up or enter the name of the author before starting to type in the content.

One can insert Vimeo or YouTube videos in the post along with tweets by simply adding a link. One can even embed images from one’s computer in a hassle free way. Since there is no need of logging in, this is what makes Telegraph distinct from Medium. In addition, one can’t catalogue the past work or assign it into collection groups.

Each and every post in Telegraph will have an exclusive website address assigned to it. However, currently the only way to edit one’s published posts is if a computer has cookies stored in it. In case, people clear their cache or use the incognito mode or access Telegraph from some other device, then editing the published work is not possible.

Telegraphs’ liberating process might appeal to some but it comes with its own sets of risks. Now is the age of anonymity expansion and fake news, there is little one can do from preventing people to sign their posts as some famous or important people like President Donald Trump, Mark Zukerberg among others. Thus, one needs to be extra cautious while reading the published posts on Telegraph by others.

The tech world is trying to figure out the hidden motive behind Telegram’s launch of Telegraph. But the most probable reason can be that Telegram feels that its over 100 million active users crave something beyond the ordinary instant messaging application. The launch of Telegraph will have a huge impact on people who use the Telegram running channels as they already have huge following. This will come as an added advantage because Telegram can be used to publish stories that are quite different from the mainstream content.

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