Tesla Powerwall: The Future of Renewable Source of Energy is here.

As we all know, our lust for energy is never ending. At the end of the day, we put our smart watches, phones, tablets, and computers at charging creating a whole mess of wires. What they do is intake the electrons and gets fully charged for the next day. My whole family have a lot of gadgets that we use and charge and recharge throughout the day. At the end of the month we get really huge electric bills and we did not like it. But with Amigo Energy, we have been having low monthly energy bills and it is amazing. I recommended it to my friends and they started switching to them, check out their Amigo Energy rates! Observing this insatiable lust for power, Tesla has developed Powerwall home battery system. With Powerwall home battery system, you can fulfill your power needs even when there are power cuts or heat waves.

tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall was introduced by the CEO of the Tesla Company Elon Musk at Tesla’s design studio in California. According to Musk, “Tesla Powerwall is the integrated system that saves power and can be connected to internet for better co-ordination.” The battery of the Powerwall contains lithium ion cells and a liquid thermal based control system. You can also connect the Powerwall to internet for tracking power usage and collecting information from utilities and also sharing with them the desired information. Currently Powerwall is been used by a group of experts and privileged customers to test its viability and functioning.

Tesla Powerwall can be booked on Tesla’s official website and it is also available at distributors end. The Tesla Powerwall comes in two models that are 10kWh and 7kWh. 10kWh model is available for installers at $3500, and the smaller 7kWh model will cost installers the sum of $3000. Customers are required to pay extra for the DC to AC inverter which is necessary for Powerwall to work (this inverter is similar to the one used by the user of solar cells). Tesla Powerwall comes with 10-year Guarantee and warranty from the distributor’s end. When we decided to check out Enlyten Energy, a solar power panel provider – Solar City has declared that it will be offering Tesla Powerwall to its upcoming customers and has also decided to work with Tesla’s energy storage system called DemandLogic for fulfilling the energy requirements by government institution and business houses. This mutual co-operation between Tesla and Solar city is not surprising because Musk is member of the board of directors of Solar City.

The 10kWh version of the Powerwall is suitable for providing power to the whole house connected to a grid, in case there are long power cuts and 7kWh version for those who want to use solar energy in the evening by tapping it for the whole day in solar cells of the Powerwall. According to Musk, customers can use as many as 9 Powerwall for their home.

The powerwall functioning will be similar to the battery which supports your phone all day long, without obtaining any energy supply.

Tesla Powerwall

Specifications of the Tesla Powerwall:

Efficiency: DC efficiency of 90% round trip.

Power: Highest 3.3kW, and consistency of 2.0kW

Voltage: Up to 450 volts.

Weight: 100 kg

Measurements: 130 x 86 x 18 cm.

INSTALLATION: Can only be installed by a trained electrician.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible to 3 phases and 2 phase grid.

ENCLOSURE: Can be installed both inside and outside the house.

CURRENT:   Normal power output of 5 amps, and up to 8.5 amps at peak.

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