Windows 10 delivers perfectness with Holographic software and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is keeping its tradition of providing futuristic technology with the launch of Windows 10 very soon. It is expected that windows 10 will give its users a totally fresh browser, embedded Project Spartan, desktop with Cortana and above all holograms. All of such developments would need a platform suitable enough to run such heavy programming along with the right graphics. If you were to read this acer predator xb271hu gaming rig review pronto, you’d know that there simply cannot be a better product at this price range. 

According to Terry Myerson, Vice President of Operating Systems, windows 10 will be launched at the end of 2015. Adding to this, Windows will provide free update to the current users of windows 8.1, Smartphone version of Windows 8.1, and windows 7 to Windows 10.

Many of us are expecting Windows 10 to enter the scene. We are anticipating a product superior to the universally hated Windows 8, and it looks like we got it. And while the new iteration of Microsoft’s famed Operating System is a big improvement, it’s not perfect. There’s been frustration on multiple occasions by slow performance experienced by some users. There are several reasons you may have a slow Windows 10 experience. If your looking for some ways to help speed up your computer system there a lots of different tips and useful online resources such as this guide:

Phil Spencer, who is the chief of Windows Xbox division, said that gaming experience provided by Windows 10 will be more involving and social. All windows 10 devices are expected to come with Xbox application.

In order to get the direct feedback Windows 10 concept was showcased in a small business oriented event. Valuable advises were received during the event OS developers and Tech experts.

Approximately 1.7 million OS developers have queued up to register the latest operating system by Windows. They have checked the OS by installing it in more than 4 million devices.


Joe Belfiore vice president Operating systems Group said that Operating system was showcased because Microsoft believes in involving in the developmental process and to check whether there is any problem in the early stages of launch of the product. Out of the features he displayed on the event, the first one was Cortana on the desktop. To provide this service, Microsoft has installed the digital assistant in the desktop, where she can assist you in providing petty information that is useful to you. According to Belfiore, the more you take the services of Cortana, the more useful and smarter she will become. Project Spartan* is the code name of the new browser that will be used by Microsoft. Spartan comes with novel user interface that adjusts according to the windows 10 landscape view, and helps to highlight the content on the selected web page.  With the help of Spartan, you can write or draw notes on the website, which can be shared with the help of programs similar to OneNote.  For making reading better the Spartan will also provide in- built support for the PDF files.

* UPDATE : Microsoft finally has a proper name for Project Spartan, and meet Microsoft Edge.

Excel and PowerPoint will be standardized and users will get a rich experience using these official apps.

To make gaming more realistic DVR function is used in Windows 10 , this will recording your 30 seconds previous game play an easy job. Direct X 12 will come in Xbox app, which will make gaming on smart phones longer as it consumes half the power of Direct X 11.

But the topic that captured most of the spotlight in the event was the introduction of Virtual Reality Holograms in windows 10 and introduction of work order software similar to for businesses all over the world. This invention will take users beyond pixels, beyond digital borders, and beyond screens.

This technology of Holograms by Windows 10 is inspired and developed with the help of the developers of Google Glass, Oculus VR and NASA’S JPL which was used by them in Mars rover work.

The HoloLens device will comprise of advance GPU and CPU, latest sensors, transparent holographic lenses and spatial sound. This headgear will be wireless and will not require any connection to a PC or phone.

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