Apple Watch : The Roundup

It was expected by many of us that Apple will launch the much awaited Apple Watch in 2015, but it surprised everybody with the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus this year. It is said that the main reason behind the late launch of watch was Apple’s marketing strategy which was meant to deviate customers from watches like LG, Moto 360, and Samsung. But this watch by Apple is a stunner as it is very stylish and fully loaded. This watch is surely for those who are fashion freaks and early adopter of latest gadgets. With Apple watch, the company is planning to penetrate deep in the newly formed smart watch market.


The pairing and synchronization process of Apple Watch is bit unique. For synchronization you have to aim your phone’s camera towards the watch and start the set up of Apple watch app on your phone which is in iOS 8.2.

Apple Watch: DESIGN

Apple has launched its watch in 6 different versions, namely the Apple Watch Edition, Apple watch, and the Apple watch sport. All of these versions come in smaller and larger sizes to suit every wrist. This watch is for both the genders as Apple products generally target open markets without any differentiation. Apple watch is not round in shape, as it was expected to be, contrary to this, the apple watch is the fusion of iPod Nano and iPhone 6. Apple watch has got an interesting interface and Apple’s approach in making this device more acceptable is amazing. This watch has a Digital Crown which assists in zooming in and out the interface. The apps on the home screen are similar to iPhone version but the icons are spherical in shape. Touch screen of the watch is very sensitive and you can easily access all the apps with mere touch of the finger tip.

This Apple watch is surely going to be big success in the ever growing health market as it can count your rate of heart bits, how much you should run, and can also gauge the exertion you put while working out. These functions are possible because of the inbuilt GPS system installed in the watch, which helps in tracking your movements while you run. The surprising element is that the Apple watch does not comes with Nike+ compatibility. This clearly explains the reason behind Samsung teaming up with Nike to make Samsung Gear a complete sporty device, but apple has lead the way by making its own advance system to beat the competition.

apple watch 2

Apple watch: BATTERY LIFE

For a smart device like the Apple watch it is must that it has a long battery life. Apple offers two models with 38mm and 42mm models, which do not last longer than a day. It is advised to use the watch efficiently if you want that battery to last longer and it goes without saying that this is not a deep sea diving watch, the battery is not encased properly to handle the pressure. Likely to be improved upon in the future, after many upgrades as we are know privy to expect.


Apple watch has the capacity to store music up to 2GB. You can also use this watch to listen to the music stored on your phone. For this you should have iPhone apple watch installed on your phone. This Apple watch does not come with any 3.5 mm jack and you can only enjoy music on Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth speakers.


Apple watch is best when it is paired with iPhone 6, because they look very stylish together. People will like to buy this watch as it is bit different from the Smart watches available in the market.


Apple Watch





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